Content Is Queen

The proverbial king may get all the credit and wear the fancy crown, but it’s the queen behind the scenes that gets sh*t done. At Groundwrk, that’s how we see content strategy. 

Building kick-ass websites is our thing. But their indisputable kick-ass-ness means nothing when no one is visiting them. And visitors come from search engines (starts with G and end with ‘oogle’) that serve one worthy leader: words. That is what a blog strategy delivers. The right words, baked into your website, that help your brand show up. 

Blogs are a beautiful tool. But the best part is, they don’t have to be beautiful. They just need to be there. It’s a low-effort, low-cost strategy that pays off big time.

Oh, you know all this? But you’re a hardworking human too busy to plan and write and publish a bunch of blogs? We get it. Lots of our clients were there, too. So we started doing it for them. 

You do you. The Queen will do the rest. 

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The Royal Process

Let’s talk big-picture. We start with a questionnaire to understand your audience personas, and our SEO team finds out what they look like with the search bar on. 

From there, we use keywords to build a list of the blog titles that are going to reel ’em in. How many titles depends entirely on you. Two per month, for one year, is typically what we’re working with.

Once the road is mapped out, you approve it, and we get to work.

After that, we just start rambling about each title and post it on the internet. 

Just kidding. 

Each topic is heavily researched and each blog strategically planned out. We create outlines that indicate content flow, keyword usage, brand tone and more. Once complete, outlines are sent to you for approval. Because at the end of the day, no one knows your content better than you.

The all-mighty outline is done and approved. Now the fun begins. 

We work with a team of expert SEO writers who turn our research and strategy into a bonafide blog post filled with those juicy keywords that capture our audience. Each blog is drafted, proofed, and then—you guessed it, sent to you for final approval or feedback. 

These reviews won’t be taxing for your team. Blogs are not your company’s magna carta. They’re a web traffic tool, and only require a quick looksy to make sure content is accurate and your brand is represented the way you want it. Heck, you can even review before your first coffee.

When the draft is feeling solid for everyone involved, we share it with the world.  We include social posts, too. Because duh. 

The process usually moves two-atta-time, but we publish one at a time at a cadence that makes sense for you. Then we sit back and let the words do their work.  And continue on with the same process for the rest of the blogs, every month.  After a few months, depending on your contract and schedule, we’ll check in with reporting to see how well she’s working. 

Congratulations! You have a successful content strategy worthy of a queen. And you barely had to leave the throne.

Katie Z.
Marketing Director
"Groundwrk did a great job of understanding our brand/what we do and how we wanted to share that more clearly with our audience. "
Justin K.
Founder & CEO
"The absolute best company to work with for anything web, branding, online, marketing...all the digital things!"
Kelly T.
Sr. Director
"We couldn't be more proud of what the product was and how everything turned out."

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