We’re constantly surprised by the lack of websites that are utilizing free, easy to install tools that provide valuable insights into how users are navigating their websites. While Google Analytics is a must and something every website on the planet (in our opinion) should have, heatmapping software is the next most important. 

What is a Heatmap? 

A website heatmap (or heat map) is a visual representation of user interaction data where values are depicted by a range of colors from the most popular (red) to the least popular (blue) elements of a web page.

Source: HotJar 

Ex. Below is a heatmap from a client of ours, Chalat Law. The brighter areas show a higher volume of clicks out of the 310 users captured during a specified timeframe. This heatmap is showing us that users are navigating through the site as we planned and easily able to contact the firm through the “Contact” button in the top right corner. 

Client heatmap example.
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Take Advantage of Screen Recordings

Most heatmapping tools are now offering screen recordings with their free service. This allows you to monitor users as they navigate the site. You can see where they hover their mouse and what features they interact with, etc. This information is immensely powerful if you are interested in improving conversion rates on your website. 

Ex. Below is a screen recording for Tandem Arbor. A client of ours whos business is 100% eCommerce. You can see how the site visitor navigates through the website and even where they move their mouse throughout the page.

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Heatmapping Tools We Recommend

HotJar is our go-to. It offers an easy to use dashboard and some great filtering abilities. The free version gives you access to the heatmap and screen recording features but there is a cap on the amount of each. “The Business Plan” ($99-ish per month) offers a higher level of filtering so that you can nail down the exact traffic you are interested in monitoring. For instance, of you had a Google Ads campaign running, you can see how users coming from that campaign are using your site.

Inspectlet is our #2. It has some great free features but the user experience is not as friendly as HotJar.

Both HotJar and Inspectlet have easy-to-follow instructions and work with nearly every website platform.