As a 10-year agency vet, and now agency owner…I have a hard time trusting agencies and believe the creative industry is broken. Although, the word “broken” may be incorrect. Really, the creative industry is untapped and underutilized because the creatives hired to create brands and deliver exposure are usually pretty damn terrible at doing it for themselves. So, because they suck at marketing themselves, clients like you turn to Google and search:

“Marketing Agency Near Me” 

“Web Design Firm in city name” 

“Best SEO Firm in city name”


And you get a list of commodity shops – mostly. Turn and burn marketing “agencies” that survive off of quantity and not quality. They are expensive, unknowingly deceitful, and more interested in profit than work. I am here to tell you that you don’t need the sexy local agency until you can afford them comfortably. The reasons why can span a novel but trust me…you don’t need Groundwrk unless you can comfortably afford a $25,000 minimum for our work. Which is cheap to some and astronomical to others. 

Instead, we created this resource guide to help you find the talent you need without selling your middle child to afford it (I’m a middle child so I can make that joke). 

Let’s get one thing VERY CLEAR. If you can effectively manage these resources (human, digital, etc) you will not need an agency for a very long time. You can also piecemeal these resources together to make them work for you. 

“The Ridiculously Useful List of Marketing Resources” consists of 4 sections: 

  1. Freelancers – a secret weapon that nobody is using. We discuss how to effectively utilize the 1000s of talented freelancers looking for work at a fraction of agency prices. 
  2. Free photo and design tools. (Coming Soon) 
  3. Digital Marketing Tools (Coming Soon) 
  4. DIY Websites Platform (Coming Soon)