How to Start Your Small Business’s Social Media Presence

Getting started with social media for your small business can be a challenging endeavor. In this blog, we’ll explore the hurdles that often come your way when taking those initial steps. From establishing an online presence to overcoming obstacles, we’ve got the insights you need. So, let’s navigate the uncharted waters of social media together and set your small business on the path to digital success.

Tip 1. Set Realistic Expectations

As with creating any new habit – such as fitness – setting unreachable goals will only set yourself up for failure. Failure just leads to that guilt trip where you’re drowning your sorrows in that extra slice of pizza. If your posting consistency right now is, well, non-existent, then start slow. Maybe aim for one post a week or even push yourself for two in a month. Find a rhythm that’s as comfy as your favorite old pair of sneakers. There’s no rulebook saying you need to drop content every single day or week. Build your habit steadily until you’re rocking it like a digital powerhouse.

Tip 2. Don’t Worry About Not Being “Liked”

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not here for the popularity contest. Sure, your first few posts might get as many likes as a Monday morning alarm clock. But guess what? Nobody becomes an overnight sensation. Remember that gem from Tim Ferris’ “Tribe of Mentors”? Pretend you’re addressing a stadium full of clones of yourself—like 40,000 of you packed in there. These folks are dying to hear what you have to say next. So, dish out your wisdom like the rockstar you are, and who cares if the rest of the world isn’t hitting the like button (unless, of course, your message is something divisive or offensive – in that case, do us all a favor and zip it). 

Tip 3. Look for Creative Inspiration

Benchmark against the companies you think are “doing it right.” Spend some time looking at competitors in your area, expand that to another city – state – even country. We personally love to see what agencies in London, Norway, Amsterdam are doing and if we like it we use it as inspiration for our posts. Save the posts you like – you can even take screenshots and compile them all on in a moodboard to reference at a later date.

Tip 4. What worked for them probably won’t work for you.

This is the #1 most annoying thing I hear from business owners: “Well so-and-so said I should do video/podcast / blog / PPC / SEO blah blah blah. You need to find what works for you. If you are comfortable being on camera then cool – get on camera and share your knowledge. If you prefer writing then just write. If you want to do motivational Mondays and “Freaky Hair Fridays” then by all means do it. Find your rhythm, what your audience eventually reacts to, and stick with it. At the beginning, you may seem a bit inconsistent and that is okay – remember, you are talking to a stadium full of you.

Tip 5. Authenticity is Imperfect

You don’t need a production budget to create great posts. Use your phone to capture content and if you are up for it, learn how to edit and polish your photos or videos. Youtube is a great resrouce for this. Looking too professional as a small business can turn people away – be your authentic self and just start creating content. You’ll get better as you go. It is important to keep the content relevant though, don’t go off on political rants or use it as you would your personal social channels…keep it focused. 

So, there you have it – your crash course in not just surviving but thriving in the social media jungle with your small business. It’s not about being the flashiest show in town. It’s about carving out your own niche, where authenticity meets consistency, sprinkled with your unique brand of creativity. Whether you’re a selfie superstar or a brainstorming wizard, remember, it’s your genuine voice that will echo the loudest.