We are stoked to announce our partnership with gameSense Sports.

Company Background: 

Founded by researchers, coaches, and players with a love for sports and teaching, gameSense offers cognitive training to athletes through an application that gamifies the experience. To say it simply, gameSense helps baseball, softball, and tennis players assess a live ball as it approaches and trains the eye and mind to respond accordingly (okay maybe that is not so simple). Take a look for yourself:



Scope of Work

Brand Study- We will be interviewing a specific group of their most frequent users (brand evangelists) to uncover the thoughts and emotions surrounding the gameSense brand. We will also be gathering valuable consumer insight into their usage and improvements they would like to see within the app itself.

Using this external qualitative data, mixed with the internal mission and vision of the company, we will be creating brand messaging, positioning statement, along with a tagline.

Brand Development- Using the Brand Study as our guide, we will be crafting a completely new brand (logo, color scheme, etc) that will attract more of their ideal target audience. This includes a new icon for the app store.

Content Roadmap Excercise-  In this exercise, we will identify the buyer personas and dig into their psyche. We want to understand their thoughts, fears, and desires related to sports training and come up with content ideas that will add value to their lives. We then compare these ideas to keyword research before providing the client with a list of content titles aimed at driving valuable traffic to their website.

Website Design- This is going to be freakn’ sweet.

Production Work- We are teaming up with FixaFire to create video and photo brand assets that will be used across all marketing mediums and in the pursuit of their Series A funding. (FixaFire will be providing brand strategy consultation throughout the entirety of the project)