Startup Background: Our client, now buddy, Rob wanted to flip the rehearsal studio rental space (mouthful) industry on its head by offering a completely digital booking and key system. Building this software would require a truckload of money though so we scoured the internet with the notion that there were solutions already created. And would ya guess it, we were right. By subscribing to two pieces of software, Rob could offer his customers 24/7 access to any of his rehearsal rooms via a cell phone

Now for the project…

Goal 1: Make the booking system an easy to understand process. Which is easier said than done as you must use two different pieces of software that offer a clunky UX.

Goal 2: The site needs to be as smooth as Mick Jagger.

Check it out: 


A message from Rob: 

“The work done by the Groundwrk team was performed flawlessly and delivered on time, satisfying all requirements and requiring little oversight from project stakeholders. Their team was extremely communicative and efficient, understanding business needs easily and translating them into solutions.”

See the live site here.