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Chalat Law – Ski Law

Ski Law is a well-known firm around Denver. If you ski at all, no doubt you’ve seen their billboards as you come down the hill on I70. A little known fact is that Ski Law is a sub-brand of Chalat Law who have been practicing in Denver for nearly 40 years. They are awesome folks and when they approached us for two new sites (Chalat Law and Ski Law) we jumped at the opportunity.

It was important to Chalat that the new sites break the mold of the traditional law firm websites that litter the internet. So when we presented the unique design that you see today, they loved it.

They also wanted the Ski Law site to be relatable, but different enough to stand alone as it’s own brand. So, we built the websites using WordPress multisite which allowed us to create that “relatable yet different” feel they were looking for, without the cost of two completely separate websites.

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Chalat and Ski Law website example.

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